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Armor Tile Tactile System

Access Tile

Armor Tile Tactile SystemFrom: $47.50 Per sqft

Armor-Tile offers the largest selection of Fully AODA/CSA/ISO and OBC compliant detectable tactile warning system products. These code-compliant tactile solutions are for Transit platforms, Multi-modal transit centers, Curb ramps, Stairwells, Escalator approaches, pedestrian crossings, Parking areas, Reflecting pools, and Building entrances.

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Cast-In-Place Tile

Armor-Tile Cast in Place takes pride in being the leading manufacturer of tactile walking surface indicator systems. The Armor-Tile Cast in place Tactile Attention Indicator or truncated domes are made from a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite, making them the industry leader for their durability, strength, weather and wear resistance. The truncated domes tactile indicators are available in 10 different colours, creating clear boundaries to ensure separation and safety for pedestrian routes from vehicular traffic. These TWSI attention tactile solutions have many more applications, including curb ramps, escalator approaches, parking areas, transit platforms, top of stair landings/wheelchair ramps, multimodal transit stations, pedestrian crossings and vehicular passageways. Armor Tile cast-in-place Tactile Indicator Tiles are in full compliance with Canadian accessibility codes AODA, CSA, ISO, and provincial and national building codes (Ontario's tactile walking surface indicators).

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Surface Applied Tile

Armor-Tile surface-applied truncated dome tiles set the standard for durability and detectability with a vitrified polymer composite construction that is exceptionally rugged. The Armor-Tile surface applied tactile warning system provides a cost-effective retrofit solution for upgrading existing pedestrian routes to current safety standards. Tiles are available in 10 vibrant colors to clearly demarcate boundaries and ensure safe travel flow separation between foot traffic and potential vehicular or environmental hazards.

Our tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) have a broad range of applications to enhance wayfinding and fall protection. This includes curb ramps, escalator approaches, parking areas, platform edges, staircase landings, multi-modal facilities, crosswalks, and access routes. All Armor-Tile tactile indicators products strictly adhere to accessibility codes and regulations, such as AODA, CSA B651, ISO 23599, and provincial building codes, with the goal of maximizing pedestrian protection, universal inclusion, and unimpeded emergency egress according to Ontario's standards for tactile floor guidance systems.

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