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Rubber Attention Domes Tile

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Eon Tile

Rubber Attention Domes Tile

From: $20.41 Per sqft


Eon Tile Rubber Attention Domes are durable and flexible tactile indicators perfect for those who design and construct the finest commercial, institutional and public environments. Eon Attention Dome Tiles are made from premium long lasting polymers creating category leading quality with a contemporary look and finish. Eon Tile Attention Domes act as warning indicators for pedestrians including the visually impaired for unprotected drop off edges or where there are no curbs or elements to separate the pedestrian route from a vehicular traffic route.



• Made from premium long lasting polymers 
• Flexible tiles will form to curved surfaces 
• Flexible tiles become stable once bound to most surfaces 
• Easily worked and shaped 
• Appropriate for both initial installation, and surface retrofit 
• UV resistant for colour stability and ensures optimal visual surface contrast 
• Conforms to contrast requirements (based on adjacent surfaces) 
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


Tile Size Sqft/Tile Cost Per Tile #Tiles Per Box Cost Per Box Add To Cart
12" x 12" x 3mm 1 20.41 40 816.4 Add to cart
12" x 12" x 5mm 1 21.25 30 637.5 Add to cart



Vogue Black

Smoke Grey

HiVis Yellow

• An unprotected drop off edge, such as a transit platform where the change in elevation is greater than 250mm or the slope is steeper than in a ratio of 1:3 (33%).
• The unprotected edges of a reflecting pool.
• An entry into a vehicular route or area where no curbs or other elements separate it from a pedestrian route such as curb ramps, wheel chair ramps, top of stairs/escalators and blended transitions.