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Wayfinding Bars


AccessTile Surface Applied Tile

Wayfinding Bars

From: $42.57 Per sqft


Access Tiles Surface Applied Directional Wayfinding Tiles (Directional Bar Tiles) are specifically designed to work in unison with truncated attention dome tiles. These Canadian accessibility code compliant wayfinding bars are designed to lead the public between spaces and follow the desired path safely. These (TWSI) tactile walking surface indicators use a series of bar shaped tactile surfaces creating a detectable path. These paths are created with truncated attention dome tiles to indicate where the path begins, ends or splits so the visually impaired can orient themselves to follow their desired path. Access Tile detectable directional warning pad is cost effective, light weight and extremely durable used with truncated attention dome tiles to create fully accessible pathways around any pace and to alert pedestrians of a paths end. Access Tile Direction Wayfinding bars are offered in Replaceable Cast in Place tiles and Surface Applied Tiles.

•  A cost effective method of retrofitting an existing curb ramp application
•  A complete system is shipped with the tiles; adhesive & colour match fasteners
•  Beveled edges make for a smooth transition that meets Canadian Accessibility Codes
•  Light weight and easy to handle
•  Easily cut to conform to various sizes and radius ramps
•   Available as a standard radius tile
•   Available in eight (8) different sizes to meet your needs
•    Comes in six (6) standard colours with Federal colour identification numbers
•    5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Tile Size Sqft/Tile Cost Per Tile #Tiles Per Box Cost Per Box Add To Cart
12" x 12" 1 42.57 20 851.4 Add to cart

Federal Yellow

No. 33538

Brick Red

No. 22144

Colonial Red

No. 20109

Safety Red

No. 31350

Dark Grey

No. 36118

Onyx Black

No. 17038

•  Located in large open floor areas, such as shopping malls or transportation terminals, to facilitate wayfinding by indicating the primary routes of travel.
•  The indicated routes should lead from the entrance to major destinations, such as an information kiosk, registration desk, stairway, elevator, escalators, or to store or service doors.