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Porcelain Wayfinding Bar Tile

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Elan Tile

Porcelain Wayfinding Bar Tile

From: $26.22 Per sqft


Elan Tile Porcelain Tactile Indicator Wayfindng Bars designed for style and engineered for performance. Elan Tile Wayfindnig Bars incorporate the best raw materials allowing the product to meet the designation of Porcelain Stoneware and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Elan Tile Wayfinding Bars offer highly durable and versatile walking surface Direction indicators for Wayfinding ensuring the visually impaired can navigate around their environments effectively and safely. Elan Tile Porcelain Wayfinding Bars create a path for guiding pedestrians towards correctly reaching their desired destinations. Elan Tile Porcelain Wayfinding Bars are designed for safety, convenience and code compliance.


• Certified porcelain stoneware for maximum durability and surface hardness
• Full body porcelain that gives a highly compact surface with extremely low absorbency characteristics
• Not affected by stains, water or chemicals
• Exceptional resistance to thermal shock, deep abrasions and frost
• R11 finish meets most demanding slip resistance requirements for construction projects in high traffic areas
• Versatile and easy installation for interior and exterior environments
• Field tile available in different sizes
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


Tile Size Sqft/Tile Cost Per Tile #Tiles Per Box Cost Per Box Add To Cart
12" x 12" 1 26.22 8 209.76 Add to cart


Cultured Grey

Vogue Black

Sand Stone

• Located in large open floor in large open floor areas, such as shopping malls or transportation terminals, to facilitate wayfinding by indicating the primary routes of travel.
• The indicated routes should lead from the entrance to major destinations, such as an information kiosk, registration desk, stairway, elevator, escalators, or to store or service doors.