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Replaceable Cast-Iron Cast-in-Place


Advantage Tactile Systems

Replaceable Cast-Iron Cast-in-Place

From: $27.30 Per sqft


Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSIs) plates are manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM A-48, Class 35B Grey Cast Iron.

The Advantage™ Cast in Place Tactile Warning Plate is lightweight with exceptionally high strength and utilizes the most advanced metallurgical Engineering Science and Technology to meet and exceed the most stringent municipal standards and accessibility codes in Canada.

Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron Tactile Plates is aesthetically pleasing, has exceptional longevity, and incorporates integral texture for a permanent slip resistant surface.

•  Lightweight and easy to install
•  Bolted connection allows for easy connectability between two or more plates
•  Available in various sizes and radii
•  Engineered to endure the toughest conditions such as snow plows, overweight vehicular loads and heavy pedestrian traffic
•  Maintenance-free natural patina
•  ASTM A48, Class 35B Grey Cast Iron
•  Can be recycled after its lifecycle
•  Largest selection of standard and radii sizes
•  10 year manufacturer’s warranty

4 Colour Options:

•  Standard Uncoated Natural Patina
•  Federal Yellow - color surcharge of $27.50 applies
•  Safety Red - color surcharge of $27.50 applies
•  Onyx Black - color surcharge of $27.50 applies
•  Safety Red - color surcharge of $27.50 applies

Orders of less than 13 tiles are subject to a $50 surcharge

Tile Size Sqft/Tile Cost Per Tile #Tiles Per Box Cost Per Box Add To Cart
12" x 24" 2 91.03 NA 91.03 Add to cart
18" x 24" 3 98.23 NA 98.23 Add to cart
24" x 24" 4 111.72 NA 111.72 Add to cart
30" x 24" 5 136.51 NA 136.51 Add to cart
15' Radius Wedge NA 37.28 NA 37.28 Add to cart
20' Radius Wedge NA 37.28 NA 37.28 Add to cart
25' Radius Wedge NA 37.28 NA 37.28 Add to cart
30' Radius Wedge NA 37.28 NA 37.28 Add to cart

Dark Grey

Federal Yellow

Brick Red

Onyx Black

Safety Red


• Accessible curb ramps align with the safe pedestrian crossing route across the vehicle roadway.
• An entry into a vehicular route or area where no curbs or other elements separate it from pedestrian route such as curb ramps, wheel chair ramps, top of stairs/escalators and blended transitions.
• An unprotected drop off edge, such as a transit platform where the change in elevation is greater than 250 mm or the slope is steeper than in a ratio of 1:3 (33%).
• The unprotected edges of a reflecting pool.