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Steel Cast-In-Place

AccessTile Cast-In-Place Attention Domes

Steel Cast-In-PlaceFrom: $154.50 Per sqft

Advantage One Stainless Steel Bars and Domes tactile walking surface indicators are designed for all interior accessibility solutions. The advantage One plate indicators are machined from a solid piece of 316L Marine Grade stainless steel and fastened to a Stainless-Steel plate that will be applied to the floor, offered as either attention domes or wayfinding bars. The Advantage One plate incorporates a texture into the stainless steel for permanent slip resistance while enhancing the aesthetics of the tile. The Advantage One attention dome and wayfinding bar plates are in full compliance with Canadians Accessibility codes while offering the lowest life cycle cost eliminating long term safety concerns and accessibility limitations. 

Advantage One Stainless Steel Wayfinding Bars and Attention Dome Plates applications: 
• Revolving Door Approaches 
• Wheelchair Ramps 
• Parking Areas 
• Top of Stair Landings 
• Turnstile and Gate Access 
• Escalator Approaches 
• Transit Platforms 
• Multi-Modal Transit Stations

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One Plate With Domes

Advantage ONE Plate™ with Domes Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) has been designed for all interior accessibility solutions.
Advantage ONE Plate™ indicators are machined from a solid piece of 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel and fastened to a solid Stainless Steel Plate. This process enhances the aesthetics of the tile, but it also has been proven to be strong and durable.
Advantage ONE Plate™ incorporates an integral texture in the stainless steel for permanent slip resistance. 
Our products have undergone a rigorous series of tests to ensure that they meet and exceed guidelines developed by the AODA, CSA, ISO, and provincial and national building codes. 
Advantage ONE™ TWSI products offer the lowest lifecycle cost and eliminate long-term safety concerns and accessibility limitations.
Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) products for the following and many more applications.

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One Plate With Bars

Advantage ONE Plate™ with Bars Tactile Walking Surface Indicators set the benchmark for accessibility solutions.
Expertly crafted from 316L marine-grade stainless steel and fixed to a sturdy stainless plate, these indicators deliver unparalleled strength, aesthetics, and durability. 
The integral slip-resistant texture provides permanent traction, ensuring reliable safety and accessibility. Having undergone rigorous testing to satisfy major accessibility guidelines, Advantage ONE Plate™ indicators provide maximum return on investment with their long lifespan and ultra-low maintenance needs. 
Trust the leaders in accessibility compliance to deliver elegant, high-performing TWSI products for stairs, ramps, platform edges, and beyond. When only the best is acceptable, rely on the experts at Advantage ONE™ for Tactile Walking Surface Indicators engineered and built to the highest standard.

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