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Cast-In-Place Tactile Wayfinding Plate


Advantage Tactile Systems

Cast-In-Place Tactile Wayfinding Plate

From: $76.34 Per sqft


Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSI) plates are manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM A-48, Class 35B Grey Cast Iron. 
The Advantage™ Cast in Place System is lightweight with exceptional high strength, and utilizes the most advanced metallurgical Engineering Science and Technology to meet and exceed the most stringent municipal standards. 
Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron is aesthetically pleasing, has exceptional longevity and incorporates integral texture for a permanent slip resistant surface.

• Lightweight and easy to install
• Bolted connection allows for easy
connectability between two or more plates
• Engineered to endure the toughest conditions
such as snow plows, overweight vehicular
loads and heavy pedestrian traffic
• Maintenance-free natural patina
• ASTM A48, Class 35B Grey Cast Iron
• Can be recycled after its lifecycle
• 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

4 Colour Options:

•  Standard Uncoated Natural Patina
•  Federal Yellow - color surcharge of $29.70 applies
•  Safety Red - color surcharge of $29.70 applies
•  Onyx Black - color surcharge of $29.70 applies
•  Dark Grey - color surcharge of $29.70 applies

Orders of less than 13 tiles are subject to a $50 surcharge

Tile Size Sqft/Tile Cost Per Tile #Tiles Per Box Cost Per Box Add To Cart
12" x 12" 1 76.34 1 76.34 Add to cart

Federal Yellow

No. 33538

Brick Red

No. 22144

Dark Grey

No. 36118

Onyx Black

No. 17038


• Tactile direction indicators should be located in large open floor
areas, such as shopping malls or transportation terminals, to
facilitate wayfinding by indicating the primary route of travel.
• The indicated route should lead from the entrance to major
destinations, such as an information kiosk, registration desk,
stairway, elevator, or to store or service doors.
• Installation of directional indicators shall follow CSA B651-18