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Cast-In-Place Tile

Cast-In-Place TileFrom: $28.90 Per sqft

Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) has combined processing, material technologies and engineered polymers with intelligent durable design to create the ultimate replaceable tactile walking surface indicators. The Replaceable Cast in place tiles are installed directly into wet set concrete incorporating the tactile warning systems industry leading replaceability feature. Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place tile indicators are light weight and durable perfect for curb ramp and sidewalk designs. The Replaceable cast in place truncated attention domes are compliant with Canadian accessibility codes and have a non-slip tactile surface for your interior and exterior applications. Access Tile Cast in Place Way finding bars are also available to be used in concordance with attention domes creating barrier free pathways ensuring all pedestrians are able to navigate around their environment safely.

Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) products are for the following applications and many more:
• Curb Ramps 
• Vehicular Passage Ways
• Parking Areas 
• Top of Stair Landings – Wheelchair Ramps 
• Pedestrian Crossings 
• Escalator Approaches 
• Transit Platforms 
• Multi-Modal transit stations

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Attention Domes

Access Tile Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile Attention Domes are setting the standard for durability and detectability in tactile systems. The Cast in Place truncated attention domes are Canadian accessibility code compliant, suitable for all environments delivering the highest quality of tactile infrastructure product solutions. The Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place attention domes are installed into wet set concrete at buildings exits into areas with moving vehicles. The detectable warning surfaces visually contrast the ground and provide a differed texture to act as a warning to the surrounding area allowing the public to safely navigate their environment. These Replaceable Cast in Place tactile surface indicators act as a detectable tile warning system that are durable and proven to be resistant to weather and wear and tear. Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place truncated attention domes are designed for new wet set projects such as pedestrian crossings with tiles available in eight different sizes and six different colours to meet your specification needs. This detectable warning design provides a safe and accessible barrier free path for pedestrians to cross.

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Wayfinding Bars

Access Tiles Surface Applied Directional Wayfinding Tiles (Directional Bar Tiles) are specifically designed to work in unison with truncated attention dome tiles. These Canadian accessibility code compliant wayfinding bars are designed to lead the public between spaces and follow the desired path safely. These (TWSI) tactile walking surface indicators use a series of bar shaped tactile surfaces creating a detectable path. These paths are created with truncated attention dome tiles to indicate where the path begins, ends or splits so the visually impaired can orient themselves to follow their desired path. Access Tile detectable directional warning pad is cost effective, light weight and extremely durable used with truncated attention dome tiles to create fully accessible pathways around any pace and to alert pedestrians of a paths end. Access Tile Direction Wayfinding bars are offered in Replaceable Cast in Place tiles and Surface Applied Tiles.

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