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Tactile Solutions

Creating accessible solutions for People

About Us

Compliance Solutions Canada, a leader in providing Canadian business with compliant workplace solutions since 2008, now introduces a specialized website helping contractors to find the best and most cost-effective code compliant tactile solution for their projects. This new website is named

By making use of our extensive knowledge of code compliance, this specialized site is “Your Source for Code Compliant Solutions”.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with accessibility solutions that meet all current federal and provincial standards. All products offered meet the most rigorous test requirements and comply with AODA, CSA, ISO, FADS and IFC standards to ensure you achieve the highest compliance in your projects.

Our Tactile Solutions are achieved by the most comprehensive offering of tactile walking surface indicators ranging from cast iron and stainless steel to various engineered polymers and an extensive range of photoluminescent (PLM) exit signs, stair nosing’s and exit path marking.

When you need mandatory code compliant accessibility solutions for any project in Canada, look in our featured solutions or call us.


Code requirements tactile

Code requirements tactile

Code requirements tactile

Code requirements Safe Way

Code requirements tactile

Tactile product drawings

Code requirements tactile

Tactile products instalation guides

Code requirements tactile

Advantage One Dome Catalog

How It Works


You realize that you need to provide a Tactile Solution for one of your projects. The solution needs to comply with the most recent AODA, CSA, ISO, Provincial and National Building Codes..


Just determine if you have to install the solution on an existing surface or into fresh concrete and if it is for indicating a danger or a safe path. Put this information into the request quote form or call us and you’ll have the right solution quoted within 24 hours


It’s easy! – Our quote includes freight cost, product availability, product data sheets, product drawings and installation instructions. Now, you are ready to implement your tactile solution efficiently, well scheduled and code compliant


Tactile solutions


All solutions offered are up-to-date code compliant with nationwide federal and provincial accessibility laws and building regulations, creating safe pathmarking guidance and attention warning detectability.

Tactile solutions


All solutions offered focus on upgrading or implementing accessibility routes. These tactile solutions provide safe accessible environments for people with vision loss. All product solutions meet the most rigorous test requirements and comply with AODA, CSA, ISO, FADS and IFC standards.

Tactile solutions

Tactile Qualities for Pedestrians

Tactile Walking Surface Indicators are perfect for any space where the safety of the visually impaired is a concern. All products are reliable, easy to install, and help prevent slips, falls or other dangerous situations.

Tactile attention domes serve as warning indicators for dangerous or hazardous conditions ahead and the wayfinding bars safely guide pedestrians down their path.

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