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How to Comply with Canadian Code Requirements with Advantage Tactile Systems

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How to Comply with Canadian Code Requirements with Advantage Tactile Systems

In today's society, accessibility is a key consideration in the design and construction of public spaces. Ensuring that everyone, including those with visual impairments, can navigate these environments safely and independently is not only a legal requirement but also an ethical responsibility. This is where Advantage Tactile Systems comes into play. 


Advantage Tactile Systems stands at the forefront of revolutionizing tactile systems in Canada, offering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed Canadian code requirements. With its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to excellence, Advantage Tactile paves the way towards creating truly inclusive spaces. To learn more about Advantage Tactile Systems, read out the blog post: 


What are Advantage Tactile Systems


Advantage Tactile Systems is the industry leader in detectable warning and directional tile surface systems. Our cutting-edge TWSIs are designed to ensure the safety of visually impaired individuals, whether it be on curb ramps, shopping malls, transit platforms, parking areas, stairwells, or escalator approaches.


With a range of metal materials available, our products not only meet stringent code requirements but also enhance the aesthetics of your projects.


Understanding Canadian Accessibility Codes and Standards


Several crucial regulations in Canada require tactile installations in public spaces. These ensure visually impaired individuals can safely navigate surroundings independently. 


Key regulations include:


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)


The AODA sets accessibility standards for Ontario across various sectors. It mandates tactile installation in all newly constructed or renovated public spaces.


CSA Standards


The CSA Group develops standards for accessibility in the built environment across Canada. CSA B651 is the key standard for tactile walking surface indicators.


National Building Code


The National Building Code of Canada includes accessibility requirements for new construction and renovations. It adopts tactile requirements from CSA standards.


Provincial Building Codes


Provincial building codes like Ontario's contain additional accessibility rules for construction. These also reference CSA tactile installation standards.


By selecting Advantage Tactile Systems for your projects, you can seamlessly comply with all provincial and national regulations.


Benefits of Advantage Tactile Systems


Advantage Tactile Systems offers the ultimate tactile solutions to meet Canadian accessibility standards. Let's explore the key benefits:


Broad Product Range: 


Tactile Solutions Canada provides the widest selection of Advantage tactile products in durable materials like stainless steel and cast iron. 



This extensive product range allows you to find the ideal tactile solution for any public space.


Stringent Compliance: 


All Advantage Tactile Systems are engineered to comply with the latest CSA, AODA, ISO, and building code tactile specifications. This guarantees that your installations will fully adhere to Canadian accessibility regulations.


Premium Durability: 


The heavy-duty metals used in Advantage products are designed for long-term durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic. You can expect a long lifecycle with minimal maintenance requirements.


Easy Maintenance and Replacement: 


Many Advantage tiles feature replaceable designs. This simplifies maintenance since individual damaged tiles can be easily swapped out without replacing entire installations.


Customization Options: 


Advantage Tactile Systems are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. This allows for optimal customization to fit the unique needs of any public space.


By harnessing the advantages above, Advantage Tactile Systems enable hassle-free compliance with Canadian regulations.




Creating barrier-free environments should be at the forefront of any construction or renovation project's priorities. By choosing Advantage Tactile Systems as your partner in compliance with Canadian code requirements, you gain access to premium materials, high-quality finishes, easy installation processes, and customization options in color and shape selection - all while maintaining strict adherence to accessibility standards.


Don't compromise on safety or aesthetics; contact Tactile Solution today for more information about Advantage Tactile Systems. Together we can create spaces that are truly inclusive and accessible for all individuals.