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Facilitating Safe Evacuation with Ecoglo Exit Signs

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Facilitating Safe Evacuation with Ecoglo Exit Signs

Ensuring safe evacuation during emergencies has always been a top priority in Canada, considering the stringent code standards and accessibility laws. As a reputed supplier of code-compliant tactile solutions, here at Tactile Solution Canada, we understand the significance of prompt egress guidance, especially for people with disabilities or vision loss. Our photoluminescent products, like Ecoglo exit signs, have significantly been helping contractors and building authorities achieve 100% compliance.


In this blog, we'll explore how Ecoglo Photoluminescent Exit Signs in Canada can facilitate safe evacuation from buildings and why they should be your go-to choice for indoor/outdoor exit signage. We'll also discuss the code requirements regarding emergency signage in Canada, along with installation and maintenance best practices. But first, let's understand how these innovative signs work their magic.


How Ecoglo Building Exit Signs Work?


Ecoglo exit signs use photoluminescence science to glow brightly even without electricity. They absorb ambient light during the day and re-emit that stored light at night or during power outages. This long-lasting glow makes them highly visible, allowing people to see the way out.


The secret lies in a special luminous pigment called zinc sulphide, which is applied over the sign's surface. When this pigment absorbs visible or UV light, electrons in the material jump to a higher energy state. Once the light source is removed, the electrons slowly decay back to their normal state, releasing the stored light photons in the process.


This photoluminescence continues until all the photons are released, providing a glow for many hours. Over multiple charge-discharge cycles, Ecoglo signs can retain 80-90% of their initial luminance, ensuring long-lasting performance throughout their lifespan. If you are thinking - Are Photoluminescent Exit Signs Code Compliant? Then read on:


Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs Regulations and Code Requirements in Canada


As per the National Building Code of Canada and provincial codes like the Ontario Building Code, illuminated or photoluminescent exit signs are mandatory in any building that requires an emergency lighting system. Some essential requirements include:


  • Exit signs must be located near exits, along the path of egress, and wherever directional changes occur.
  • In addition to normal "EXIT" text signs, evacuation plans with directional arrows are also required on floor/exit plans.
  • Signs should be high mounted between 1800-2400 mm from the floor for optimum visibility.
  • They must provide contrast against the surrounding decor and illuminate to a minimum intensity of 10 lux.
  • Photo-luminescent signs like Ecoglo must provide at least 60 minutes of glow time without external illumination.
  • Procuring and installing code-compliant emergency Signage for Fire Exit has become extremely important after the Grenfell Tower fire incident in the UK that claimed 72 lives during the 2017 evacuation.


Canadian regulations explicitly require properly marked exit pathways in buildings to enable efficient emergency evacuation:


  • As per the National Building Code 2010, Clause (2), "Exit signs conforming to Sentence (3) shall be installed to indicate the direction of egress from each exit level clearly."
  • NBC 2010 Clause (3) further states, "Exit signs shall show an illuminated white or luminous green pictogram on a contrasting background." Exit signs with illuminated or white lettering on a green background are also permitted.
  • The National Fire Code 2010 Division B, Section 2.7.3 mandates, "Except as otherwise required by this Part, exit signs shall consist of a green pictogram and a white or lightly tinted graphical symbol meeting the color specifications referred to in ISO 3864-1."


Ecoglo signs help meet these legal requirements for exit path marking. Their bright green glow and directional arrows fulfill code mandates on exit sign visibility and wayfinding.


Let's see why Ecoglo Exit Directional Signs are a highly recommended solution.


Why Ecoglo Exit Directional Signs Facilitate Safe Evacuation?


1. No Power Required

As Ecoglo signs do not require electricity to glow, they can continue guiding occupants to safety even during complete power outages caused by disasters like fires or earthquakes.


2. Excellent Visibility

The evenly distributed luminous surface area and minimum luminance of 10 lux as per codes ensure Ecoglo signs are highly conspicuous from long distances, clearing all visibility hazards.


3. Long-lasting Performance

After just 30 minutes of daylight or ambient light exposure, Ecoglo Glow in the Dark Exit Signs in Canada can glow brightly for a minimum of 60 minutes as codes mandate. This allows adequate time for evacuation, even from the most extensive facilities. These signs can glow for more than 70 hours after just 54 minutes of lux charging.


4. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Ecoglo signs are weatherproof, UV resistant, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations, eliminating the need for multiple signage types.


5. Reduced Lifecycle Costs

Being maintenance-free, Ecoglo signs last over a decade, far exceeding typical LED signs, reducing the total cost of ownership. There is no requirement for frequent battery replacements, too.


6. Compliance with AODA & NBC

As the only photoluminescent exit sign endorsed by accessibility organizations across Canada, Ecoglo assures effortless AODA and NBC compliance for all projects.


Best Practices for Ecoglo Sign Installation


Here are some recommended practices to ensure maximum performance and durability of Ecoglo signs post their installation:


  • Mount signs high between 1.8m to 2.4m at standard eye level for best visibility.
  • Face signs towards oncoming traffic flow and avoid surfaces that cause glare or reflections.
  • Fasten signs securely at least seven mounting points using corrosion-resistant hardware suitable for outdoor/indoor use.
  • Clean signs regularly using a soft cloth and plain water to remove dirt, keeping the photoluminescent surface scratch-free.
  • Inspect signs periodically and replace them if 10% or more of the photoluminescent coating is damaged or worn out.
  • Conduct regular fire evacuation drills to ensure signs continue functioning as per codes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long will an Ecoglo sign last?

A. Ecoglo signs can continuously glow bright for 10-15 years of service life if installed correctly and with adequate daily charging.


Q. Do Ecoglo signs meet NBC requirements for emergency lighting?

A. Yes, Ecoglo exit signs are independently tested and certified to meet all NBC guidelines for luminance, duration, and location of emergency lighting and signage in Canada.


Q. Can Ecoglo signs be used both indoors and outdoors?

A. Absolutely, Ecoglo signs are fully weatherproof, UV resistant, and CSA certified for indoor or outdoor use without requiring any cover or protection.


Q. What is the best way to clean an Ecoglo sign?

A. Wiping the luminous surface with a lint-free cloth or tissue paper dampened with plain water is the recommended cleaning method for Ecoglo signs.


We hope this detailed blog has given you good insights into Ecoglo photoluminescent exit signs and how they can play a pivotal role in facilitating safe evacuation according to Canada's accessibility codes. As a leading supplier, Tactile Solution Canada is committed to supplying only top-quality, thoroughly tested, and code-certified tactile solutions. Please feel free to contact us for any order queries.