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A Comprehensive Guide on Advantage Metal Tactiles in 2024

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A Comprehensive Guide on Advantage Metal Tactiles in 2024

Advantage is one of the leading brands in Canada for providing high-quality tactile warning and guidance systems to create accessible built environments for persons with vision impairments. Today, let's take a comprehensive look at the different metal tactile walking surface indicators offered by Advantage that help contractors, landscapers, and building managers comply with the latest CSA B651, AODA, ISO, and OBC accessibility codes across Canada in 2024.


Advantage Cast Iron Tactiles


Non-replaceable Cast Iron Tactiles


Advantage offers a wide range of non-replaceable cast iron detectable warning plates that are embedded directly into concrete during installation. Some key features of these durable tactiles include:


  • Available in standard sizes as well as various radii to accommodate curved slopes.

  • Manufactured using ASTM A48 Class 35B grey cast iron, ensuring maximum strength.

  • Natural patina finish provides a textured, non-slip surface ideal for high foot traffic areas.

  • 10-year warranty against cracking, breaking, or structural failure.

  • Easy embedment into fresh concrete utilizing simple installation templates.

  • Withstand abuse from snow plows, construction equipment, etc. due to robust build.


Replaceable Cast Iron Tactiles


For applications where replaceability is required, Advantage offers a line of replaceable cast iron tactile tiles that feature a bolt-on design. This allows individual tiles to be easily removed and replaced if damaged.


  • Made from the same durable cast iron as non-replaceable tiles.

  • Standard and custom radius options available.

  • Bolted connection between tiles for modularity and simple future repairs.

  • Suitable for outdoor/indoor use in any climate across Canada.

  • 10-year product warranty for optimum return on investment.


Cast Iron Wayfinding Plates


In addition to detectable warning tactiles, Advantage makes large reinforced cast iron path guidance ISO wayfinding bars tiles ideal for:


  • Multi-modal transit centers

  • Large parking lots

  • University campuses

  • Shopping malls

  • Gardens and parks


These plates are embedded in or mechanically fastened to concrete to clearly mark accessible routes. Featuring directional arrows and Braille signage, they assist pedestrians in safely navigating large outdoor areas.


Advantage Stainless Steel Tactiles


For indoor and outdoor applications where aesthetics and durability are critical, Advantage offers a line of stainless steel detectable warnings and wayfinding indicators.


Surface Applied Stainless Steel Plates


This surface applied tactile warning system features truncated domes or linear bars that are pressure sensitive and adhered to existing level surfaces like concrete, ceramic tile, or terrazzo. A few key benefits of stainless steel domes or bars tile include:


  • Quick and easy installation without disrupting existing flooring.

  • Made from 316L marine grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

  • Integral slip-resistant texture meets ADA/CSA slip resistance guidelines.

  • Domes and bars withstand abrasion from shoe rubs better than cast tiles.

  • 5-year warranty for assurance of long product life.


Cast-in-place Stainless Steel Domes & Bars


For renovation projects where the substrate must be removed, Advantage also provides a line of stainless steel domes and linear bars that can be mechanically fastened or embedded into new concrete. This allows a seamless transition between old and new flooring materials.


  • Domes and bars are machined from solid stainless steel bar stock.

  • Design provides greater vandal resistance than surface-applied versions.

  • It can be used with spray-on or roller-applied anti-slip coatings for added protection.

  • Available in concentric ring, linear, or geometric cross-hatch patterns per code.


Installation & Maintenance


Proper installation and ongoing maintenance are critical to ensuring Advantage tactiles meet their lifespan warranty. The company provides clear guidelines and training:




  • Cast tactiles require experienced concrete contractors and correct placement in the fresh pour.

  • Stainless versions have simple adhesive or mechanical fastening procedures.

  • Installation templates ensure dome/bar patterns conform to code spacing.

  • Slope and cross-slope must be accurately formed to drainage specifications.



  • Sweep and wash surfaces weekly with mild soap and water.

  • Inspect domes/bars annually for damage from abrasion or heavy plows.

  • Re-apply anti-slip coatings every 3-5 years or as needed for high traffic areas.

  • Replace damaged tactiles promptly as per warranty terms.

  • Record maintenance for capital planning of eventual tile replacement.


Proper installation and maintenance are key to achieving code compliance and avoiding expensive repairs or liability from accidents. Contractors can source maintenance supplies through Tactile Solution's distribution network.


Choosing the Right Tactile


When selecting between Advantage's different tactile warning surface indicators options, the following factors should be considered:


  • Application (outdoor durability, indoor aesthetics, replaceability, etc.)

  • Budget (material and installation/future replacement costs)

  • Surface type (new concrete, existing resilient flooring, etc.)

  • Location and traffic levels (wear and vandalism risks)

  • Maintenance capabilities and resources

  • Aesthetic requirements (patina vs polished stainless look)

  • Warranty terms (duration and exclusions like damage from plows)


For a free product recommendation, building managers and contractors can directly contact Tactile Solution Canada, detailing the project location, scope, and unique site considerations.




Q: What is the lifespan of Advantage tactiles?

A: Properly installed and maintained tactiles typically last 10-15 years but this can vary dramatically based on weathering, usage levels, and maintenance quality. Snowy climates and high traffic areas will see faster wear. Replacement timelines should be factored into capital planning.


Q: Can existing tactiles be reused after maintenance/repairs?

A: Replaceable stainless steel or cast iron tiles can sometimes be refurbished for reuse if damage is minor. However, non-removable cast iron and bonded stainless often must be fully replaced once damage occurs to meet the code. It's best to budget for full replacement every 10-15 years.


Q: Do the tactiles require special installation skills?

A: Cast iron installation strongly recommends an experienced concrete contractor while surface mounted stainless is more DIY friendly. However, code compliance is critical so licensed contractors are highly recommended for any permanent embedded or fastened tactile installation. Tactile Solution provides professional installation services nationwide.


Q: What warranty does Advantage provide?

A: Advantage warrants all tactiles against defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years. Stainless steel versions also carry a 5-year warranty against degradation or loss of slip resistance. Warranty is subject to proper installation and maintenance practices being followed.


We hope this comprehensive guide helped provide a thorough overview of the different Advantage metal tactile options available for 2024 projects from Tactile Solution. Please let us know if you need any other information to assist with product selection or code compliance on your next accessible design project.