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The City of Toronto Accesability Project explained

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The City of Toronto Accesability Project explained

The City of Toronto Accessibility Project explained



As a Certified Distributor of Kinesik & Ecoglo Brands we Make Your Next Project a Huge Success


As a contractor you are responsible for constructing easily accessible buildings and premises for people with physical impairments, you are well-acquainted with tactile indicators and its applications. These are mandatory products in varied materials installed into or onto the ground with raised domes or bars.


Tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) serve the purpose of giving pedestrians who are blind, or who have vision impairment directional information and warning of hazards to assist with safe navigation. You must follow the code standards and proper installation guidelines. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for contractors to comprehend the installation guidelines, even if they are aware of them. That is where our website comes into the picture. Our website can make it easy for contractors to navigate the codes, the installation guidelines and provides resources to choose the best option


IBI Group has been appointed to Lead TheCity of Toronto Accessibility Project


IBI Group is a globally integrated planning, architecture, engineering, and technology firm with more than 2,600 professionals around the world. They take pride in helping clients create liveable, sustainable, and advanced urban environments.

Retrofitting more than 350 buildings this creates one of the most spectacular opportunities for contractors in Toronto. IBI Group will be responsibleto create plans to introduce accessibility including the introduction of tactile solutions.


IBI Group Approvedour Kinesik and Ecoglo Branded Tactile Products for all these Projects.


IBI Group will be requesting contractors to bid on those projects with a mandatory use of the Kinesik and Ecoglo products for tactile.



Tactile Solutions- is the certified and leading Distributor of Kinesik&EcogloProducts.


If you are bidding on projects of the Toronto Accessibility Project, you'll need the Kinesik and Ecoglo products specified by IBI GROUP which you find with US - we are a licensed nationwide distributor for the Kinesik and Ecoglo products. Browse through our website - use our quote requesting tool or call us.


Tactile Solutions is a leader in providing Canadian business with compliant workplace solutions since 2008. We strive to help contractors find the best and most-effective code-compliant tactile solutions for their projects. We take pride in becoming your ultimate source for code-compliant solutions. Our mission is to provide our customers with accessibility solutions. These solutions are intricately designed to meet all current, federal, provincialand municipal standards.


All products offered on our website meet the most rigorous test requirements and comply with AODA, CSA, ISO, FADS, and IFC standards to ensure you achieve the highest compliance in your projects.


When you need mandatory code-compliant accessibility solutions for the next project you win you can always count on us.