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How Can Canadian Contractors Boost Safety with Ecoglo Directional Signage

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How Can Canadian Contractors Boost Safety with Ecoglo Directional Signage

In today's fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, seamless navigation and flow of people in commercial and public spaces is paramount. Directional signage inside buildings plays a pivotal role in facilitating an unhindered journey through a venue by providing visual cues and prompts to direct visitors to key locations and points of interest.


Code compliance and workplace safety are two of the most crucial aspects of any facility. In Canada, directional signage is an indispensable tool that aids in safeguarding visitors in hazardous environments or emergency situations inside facilities. However, traditional directional signage solutions are ill-equipped to optimally facilitate egress during power outages or in low-lighting conditions inside the buildings. This is where innovative photoluminescent directional signage products from Ecoglo come to the fore.


Ecoglo is a pioneering manufacturing company that specializes in fashioning intelligent safety solutions for commercial and other facilities. Their Ecoglo Directional Signs are manufactured using a proprietary photoluminescent compound that absorbs and stores ambient light to emit a glow in low or dark conditions. This unique quality renders Ecoglo Directional Signage ideal for installation in environments where traditional electrically-powered signs would be ineffective or in case of power failures. They are eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and compliant with the latest National Building Code of Canada’s requirements for photoluminescent exit signs and directional indicators.


For general contractors and builders working on commercial construction projects across Canada, Ecoglo Directional Signage offers significant benefits for workplace safety as well as code compliance:


Optimized Egress


The photoluminescent nature of Ecoglo Directional Signs allows for improved emergency wayfinding and evacuation during power outages, low light, or zero visibility conditions. The signs absorb and store ambient light and re-emit it in the form of a bright glow for up to 70 hours in complete darkness. This failsafe visibility aids occupants in seamlessly navigating toward emergency exits, fire escapes, or muster points.


Enhanced Code Compliance


Ecoglo Directional Signage meets or exceeds CSA and ULC standards for photoluminescent exit signs in Canada. They are fully compliant with the NBC, OBC, and other provincial building codes for photoluminescent exit signage and directional indicators. Using these signs allows contractors to achieve certification and pass inspections with flying colors.


Minimal Maintenance


Unlike electrical signs that require wiring, charging, and bulb replacements, Ecoglo Directional Signs are completely self-powered and maintenance-free. They operate independently even during power outages and only need exposure to light for recharging. The photoluminescent compound in this signage is highly durable and very long-lasting, allowing for longer usage.


Cost Efficiency


Ecoglo Directional Signs eliminate the need for any electrical wiring, charging, or illumination to function. This makes them significantly more cost-effective in the long run compared to powered exit signs that entail high installation and ongoing maintenance expenses. The signs have an operational lifespan of over 25 years, so they do not require frequent replacement either.


Ease of Mounting


Ecoglo Directional Signs come with universally compatible mounting hardware that allows for simple installation on any indoor surface, like walls, floors, staircases, doorways, walkways, etc. They can even be used as freestanding signs with additional mounting stands. The variety of sizes and mounting options available make integration into any space quick and easy.

Specifications of Ecoglo Directional Signs

  • Ecoglo Directional Signs are available in a range of standard sizes of 8 inches x 4.6 inches. They meet ISO standards for symbol height to viewing distance ratios for optimal visibility and legibility. The signs feature high-performance photoluminescent text, arrows, and safety symbols that illuminate brightly in low light and dark conditions for up to 70 hours after only 1 hour of 54 lux charging.
  • The signs are constructed using lightweight yet durable aluminum and vinyl composite material panels with UV-resistant laminate. This makes them durable, chemical-resistant, and suitable for indoor use. The film is applied using a specialized heat transfer process that ensures maximum bond strength and glow intensity.
  • Ecoglo Directional Signs require exposure to regular ambient lighting like office lighting or natural light from windows and skylights to function. Minimal light exposure of around 5 to 10-foot candles per day is adequate to fully charge the signs and enable them to emit a bright glow during power failures or in emergency situations. The more light they receive, the brighter and longer they will glow.
  • The highly efficient compound used to make these signs is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and eco-friendly. It does not contain any hazardous heavy metals like lead or zinc that can pollute the environment. The signs have a long service life and do not degrade or lose glow intensity even with continuous exposure to light.



Ecoglo Directional Signs offer the optimal solution for facility safety, emergency preparedness, and building code compliance for any building or construction project. Their self-illuminating photoluminescent quality makes them ideal for installation indoors where traditional signs would be ineffective. By choosing these innovative exit signs available at, Canadian contractors and builders can achieve the highest safety and risk mitigation standards on their projects.