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How to Enhance the Visibility and Safety of Your Stairs with Ecoglo Stair Nosing

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How to Enhance the Visibility and Safety of Your Stairs with Ecoglo Stair Nosing

Ascending and descending stairways are an integral part of our daily lives. Yet this routine activity poses potential risks, especially in emergency situations or low-lighting conditions. Fortunately, there are solutions available to mitigate these risks and ensure the safety of all occupants. One such solution is the installation of Ecoglo Stair Nosing on the leading edge of stairs.


As a premier Canadian supplier of Ecoglo products, we aim to elucidate the magnificence of these stair nosings and how they augment the pulchritude and security of any edifice. Peruse on to garner comprehensive discernments on Ecoglo Stair Nosing and why it is an indispensable addition to any infrastructure.


Understanding the Epitome of Stair Safety


The stairways within an edifice perform a pivotal function - providing occupants with an expeditious avenue of egress in contingencies. Thus, augmenting stairway security is paramount, and anti-slip stair nosings contribute immensely to optimizing the safety of all stairwells in myriad ways.


The venerable International Building Code encompasses the means of egress within any building and dedicates a distinct segment to stair nosings. Section 1011 explicitly edifies the stair nosings regulations that building owners must abide by. These prerequisites outlined in the IBC ascertain that the stair nosings in a facility are uniform and installed securely. To mitigate any tripping hazards, the stair nosings must not project more than 1 1⁄4 inches beyond the nosing of the lower tread. Additionally, all the stair nosings within a stairwell need to be of uniform size and shape.


Elevating Safety | Ecoglo Anti-slip Stair Nosing


Anti-slip stair nosings augment the safety within an edifice in manifold ways:


  • They provide a non-slip grip to reduce the hazards of slips and trips in all weather conditions.
  • They proffer conspicuous color contradistinction against the steps to amplify the visibility of the step-edge, especially for visually impaired occupants.
  • Many stair nosings incorporate a photoluminescent strip that illuminates the step-edge with a luminous glow in low light conditions after absorbing ambient light. This further escalates the step-edge visibility when the power fails in the facility.
  • The sturdy stair nosings shield the highly trafficked step-edge from wear and tear, thus maintaining the stairways’ integrity and pulchritude.


Considering the Stair-Nosing Options


Ecoglo manufactures stair nosings with myriad installation methods and options to select from:


Installation Techniques:


  • Cast-In-Place: Installed within wet concrete, this method provides maximal durability.
  • Surface-Applied: Affixed atop existing stairs utilizing adhesive, ideal for renovation projects.




  • Photoluminescent: Contains glow-in-the-dark strips that emit luminance in low light.
  • Non-Photoluminescent: Provides a bold step-edge demarcation without photoluminescence.


Anti-Slip Properties:


  • Non-Slip Strips: Silicon carbide grips provide all-weather traction.
  • High Contrast Strips: Visually defines the step-edge without a non-slip grip.




  • Aluminum Finish: Available in dark bronze, black, and light bronze anodized colors.
  • Size: Manufactured in standard and custom sizes to fit your stair dimensions.
  • Placement: Available as stair nosing insert or full-width stair nosing.


Optimize Step-Edge Safety with Ecoglo


Installing Ecoglo Stair Nosing affords multifarious benefits that enhance stairway safety:


  • Slip Resistance: The integral non-slip silicon carbide grip provides all-weather traction to avoid slips.
  • Visibility: The photoluminescent strip illuminates the step-edge in low light for improved visibility.
  • Demarcation: The aluminum provides bold color contrast against the steps for clear step-edge definition.
  • Longevity: The rigid aluminum and anti-slip material withstand heavy loads and abrasion, maximizing durability.
  • Compliance: Meets the stair-nosing requirements of building codes like the IBC, CSA and AODA.
  • Sustainability: Ecoglo utilizes recycled aluminum in production, conserving resources.


  • Easy Installation: Arrives pre-assembled for convenient installation on-site with adhesive or cast-in-place.
  • Customization: Available in multiple sizes, finishes, and layouts to match your staircase design.


Illuminate the Path to Safety with Ecoglo


Ecoglo’s industry-leading stair nosings offer comprehensive step-edge safety and unparalleled luminous visual demarcation. These time-tested photoluminescent and non-slip stair nosings are impervious to heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Manufactured utilizing our patented process, the nosings deliver durable egress guidance that augments the safety of any stairwell.


Contact Tactile Solution Canada today to illuminate your stairs with Ecoglo’s photoluminescent and non-slip stair nosings. Our team possesses extensive expertise in recommending stair nosings that align impeccably with your facility’s unique specifications, traffic patterns, and aesthetics.