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How to Save Energy with Ecoglo Directional Signage for Exit Path Marking

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How to Save Energy with Ecoglo Directional Signage for Exit Path Marking

As a business owner or facilities manager, ensuring the safety of occupants during emergency evacuations is a top priority. Proper exit path marking plays a crucial role in safely directing people towards exits in chaotic low visibility conditions.


Traditionally, exit path marking relied solely on electrical lighting. However, power failures during emergencies can render such electrical systems ineffective. This is where Ecoglo's innovative photoluminescent directional signage offers a sustainable and reliable solution for exit path marking.


This blog will explore how Ecoglo's photoluminescent directional signs can help save energy and ensure optimal exit path visibility.


Understanding Photoluminescent Technology


Ecoglo's photoluminescent directional signs utilize proprietary photoluminescent pigments that absorb and store ambient light. These pigments emit the stored light when the lights go out, creating a bright glow that illuminates exit pathways.


The photoluminescent materials obtain their charge from available ambient light sources, whether natural daylight or indoor lighting fixtures. Once fully charged, they can emit light for several hours in dark conditions. This makes them completely self-sufficient and 100% reliable even during power failures.


Benefits of Ecoglo Directional Signage


Ecoglo's photoluminescent directional signs offer the following advantages:


Energy Efficiency


Unlike electrically powered exit signs, Ecoglo directional signs require no hardwiring, batteries, or electricity to operate. They fully rely on natural or ambient light sources for their photoluminescent charge. This makes them absolutely energy-efficient.


Facilities can save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint by using these signs for exit path marking.


Continuous Illumination in Emergencies


Since they need no electrical supply, Ecoglo signs provide continuous illumination even in blackouts or power failures during emergencies. Their glow can last for 70 hours on just 1 hour of charge.


This ensures uninterrupted visibility of exit routes when it matters the most.


Reduced Maintenance


With no wiring, batteries, or electrical components, Ecoglo signs have minimal maintenance needs. There are no bulbs to replace or battery checks required. The occasional wipe-down is all they need.


This further reduces long-term overhead costs.




Ecoglo signs are extremely durable and built to last for decades. The photoluminescent material does not degrade or lose its luminosity like tritium gas. Ecoglo signs come with a 25-year warranty, underlining their longevity.


Compliance with Codes


Ecoglo directional signs meet the latest IBC, IFC, and NFPA 101 codes for exit path marking. Using them ensures compliance with safety regulations.


Ecoglo Directional Signage Available at Tactile Solution Canada


Tactile Solution Canada offers Ecoglo photoluminescent directional signs in the following configuration:


Running Man Exit Signs


These signs feature a running man pictogram with an arrow indicating the direction of the exit discharge. The arrow enhances wayfinding by clearly pointing toward the exit path.


Product Features

  • LEED points qualified for energy conservation and sustainability
  • ULC S572 listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs
  • Minimum 120-minute emergency operation
  • 50/75-foot visibility rating
  • No electricity or batteries are required
  • Requires exposure to at least 54 lux (5-foot candles) of LED, fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, or other 3.5-4.5K light illumination for only 60 minutes to glow for 70 hours
  • Indoor installation
  • Standard twenty-five (25) year warranty
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • ULC testing/listing no. E344049/4RG2


Exit path marking codes for Canadians Buildings


Various Canadian regulations mandate proper exit path marking to facilitate emergency egress:

  • National Building Code of Canada
  • National Fire Code of Canada
  • Provincial Building Codes
  • Provincial Fire Codes


These codes require exit pathways to be clearly identified and marked to enable efficient evacuation during emergencies in buildings:


  • As per NBC 2010,Clause, "Exit signs conforming to Sentence (3) shall be installed to indicate clearly the direction of egress from each exit level."
  • Clause states, "Exit signs shall show an illuminated white or luminous green pictogram on a contrasting background. Exit signs with illuminated lettering or white lettering on a luminous green background may be used provided the lettering meets the size requirement of Sentence"
  • NFC 2010 Division B, Section 2.7.3. states, "Except as otherwise required by this Part, exit signs shall consist of a green pictogram and a white or lightly tinted graphical symbol meeting the color specifications referred to in ISO 3864-1, "Graphical symbols -- Safety colors and safety signs -- Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings".


Ecoglo signs help meet these legal requirements for exit path marking. Their bright green glow and directional arrows fulfil code mandates on exit sign visibility and wayfinding.


The Power of Visible Exit Marking with Ecoglo


During emergencies, panic and chaos can lead to poor visibility due to smoke or power failure. People often become disoriented regarding the location of exits.


Ecoglo's photoluminescent directional signs illuminate exit pathways for hours on end after the lights go out. Their continuous glow provides a clear visible path to safety even in darkness, preventing confusion and speeding up evacuation.


By harnessing sustainable photoluminescent technology, Ecoglo signs enhance exit path visibility around-the-clock while using zero energy. They are a smart investment for sustainable and energy-efficient facilities.


Tactile Solutions - Your Partner for Code-Compliant Egress Solutions


As Canada's premier accessibility solutions provider, Tactile Solutions offers a wide range of Ecoglo's photoluminescent running man exit path marking products to meet code compliance and energy-efficiency needs.


With over a decade of experience supplying egress solutions in Canada, we are your trusted partner for Ecoglo products. Contact our experts today for clear, visible exit path marking using Ecoglo's photoluminescent directional signage. Let us illuminate your path to safety.