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Reduce the Risk of Slips and Trips with Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Contrast Strips

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Reduce the Risk of Slips and Trips with Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Contrast Strips

Though we believe that our audience is well-aware and knowledgeable, it is important to understand what being photoluminescent is to ensure that exact information is delivered. Any photoluminescent object emits light after absorbing photons (carries energy), and such an object does not require additional energy like electricity to light up.


The one differentiating factor distinguishing photoluminescent tactile solutions from others is the ability to ‘glow in the dark.’ During an emergency or unavailability of electricity, photoluminescent tactile solutions provide the safest pathway and reduce the risk of slips and trips.


In this article, we will discover how photoluminescent surface-applied anti-slip contrast strips help reduce slipping or tripping accidents.


What are Photoluminescent Contrast Strips?


Photoluminescent Contrast Strips improve egress speed and visibility in all lighting conditions. In all conditions, Photoluminescent Contrast Strips provide life-saving egress lighting. These strips ensure your building fulfils the code compliance without bothering the design.


The strips are charged by natural and artificial light & glow for hours after a power failure. The best is that these Photoluminescent Contrast Strips are easy to apply and install; all you need is a premium polyurethane adhesive.


Note - The photoluminescent contrast strips can be installed with mechanical fasteners but do not use them while installing outdoors.


Engineered for Durability


When it comes to durability, Ecoglo’s Photoluminescent Contrast Strips have no match—manufactured using Ecoglo’s patented process, which produces the most robust and highly efficient photoluminescent product available. The photoluminescent strips’ distinct ridges prevent them from most abrasive damage and provide slide resistance while making the product easy to clean.


The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material is integrally bonded with the aluminum substrate. Thousands of people can walk on it without incurring wear and tear. The contrast strips' durability and strength ensure they can bear heavy loads, eventually reducing the chances of accidents.


Reliable Solution for Step-Edge Safety


Annually, there is an average of 12,000 deaths by stairway accidents. The statistics itself is the statement why keeping secure surroundings around staircases is essential. Considering the same, photoluminescent contrast strips appear as the reliable solution.


The colour contrasting the non-slip material with advanced photoluminescent technology provides step-edge visibility under all light conditions. The unique ridges in the Ecoglo photoluminescent strips and the integrated anti-slip contrast strips ensure all-weather slip resistance.