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Wayfinding Tactile

Attention Tactile

Wayfinding Tactile

From: $20.41 Per sqft

Accessibility legislation requires implementing solutions compliant with codes for creating safe pathways for the visually impaired. Our Code Compliant Tactile Solutions with wayfinding bars are for areas that are not dangerous but indicate a safe passage for the visually impaired. The code-compliant wayfinding bars are specifically made in different materials, colors and sizes to provide compliance in all situations, inside, outside, on newly built, on retrofit and existent surfaces. They are offered in various colors and can be used in alongside attention domes.

Here are some of the features of wayfinding bars:

  • Available in different material’s and sizes
  • Offer weather and wear-resistance
  • Available in multiple colors for creating contrast
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty 
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Cast-In-Place Tactile Wayfinding Plate

Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSI) plates are manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM A-48, Class 35B Grey Cast Iron. 
The Advantage™ Cast in Place System is lightweight with exceptional high strength, and utilizes the most advanced metallurgical Engineering Science and Technology to meet and exceed the most stringent municipal standards. 
Advantage™ Replaceable Cast Iron is aesthetically pleasing, has exceptional longevity and incorporates integral texture for a permanent slip resistant surface.

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Eon Tile Rubber Wayfinding Bars Tile

Eon Tile Rubber Wayfinding Bars are durable and flexible tactile indicators perfect for those who design and construct the finest commercial, institutional and public environments. Eon Wayfinding Bar Tiles are made from premium long lasting polymers creating category leading quality with a contemporary look and finish. Eon Tile Wayfinding Bars act as path marking indicators for pedestrians including the visually impaired for safe guidance around various environments. The Eon Tile Wayfinding Bars are fully Compliant with all Canadian Accessibility codes and are available in 4 colours ivory, vogue black, smoke grey and yellow.

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Advantage Tactile Systems Single Bars

Advantage One Individual Stainless Steel Attention Domes and Wayfinding bars are designed to for interior applications enhancing the look of your project while complying with Canadian accessibility code requirements. The stainless steel individual attention domes and wayfinding bars are composed of a slip resistant micro texture and are available in different sizes and colours. The Advantage one individual attention domes and wayfinding bars are drilled and adhered directly into the ground. The Advantage One Individual Wayfinding Bars and Attention Dome Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI), provide a reliable solution for interior projects in all spaces meeting Canadian Accessibility regulations, ensuring safety for all pedestrians including the visually impaired, acting as warning indicators and path marking indicators preventing slips, falls and assisted guidance on your desired path. 

Advantage One Individual Wayfinding Bars and Attention Domes for the following interior applications and many more:
• Revolving Door Approaches 
• Wheelchair Ramps 
• Parking Areas 
• Top of Stair Landings 
• Turnstile and Gate Access 
• Escalator Approaches 
• Transit Platforms 
• Multi-Modal Transit Stations

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AccessTile Surface Applied Wayfinding Bars

Access Tiles Surface Applied Directional Wayfinding Tiles (Directional Bar Tiles) are specifically designed to work in unison with truncated attention dome tiles. These Canadian accessibility code compliant wayfinding bars are designed to lead the public between spaces and follow the desired path safely. These (TWSI) tactile walking surface indicators use a series of bar shaped tactile surfaces creating a detectable path. These paths are created with truncated attention dome tiles to indicate where the path begins, ends or splits so the visually impaired can orient themselves to follow their desired path. Access Tile detectable directional warning pad is cost effective, light weight and extremely durable used with truncated attention dome tiles to create fully accessible pathways around any pace and to alert pedestrians of a paths end. Access Tile Direction Wayfinding bars are offered in Replaceable Cast in Place tiles and Surface Applied Tiles.

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Elan Tile Porcelain Wayfinding Bar Tile

Elan Tile Porcelain Tactile Indicator Wayfindng Bars designed for style and engineered for performance. Elan Tile Wayfindnig Bars incorporate the best raw materials allowing the product to meet the designation of Porcelain Stoneware and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Elan Tile Wayfinding Bars offer highly durable and versatile walking surface Direction indicators for Wayfinding ensuring the visually impaired can navigate around their environments effectively and safely. Elan Tile Porcelain Wayfinding Bars create a path for guiding pedestrians towards correctly reaching their desired destinations. Elan Tile Porcelain Wayfinding Bars are designed for safety, convenience and code compliance.

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AccessTile Cast-In-Place Wayfinding Bars

Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) has combined processing, material technologies and engineered polymers with intelligent durable design to create the ultimate replaceable tactile walking surface indicators. The Replaceable Cast in place tiles are installed directly into wet set concrete incorporating the tactile warning systems industry leading replaceability feature. Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place tile indicators are light weight and durable perfect for curb ramp and sidewalk designs. The Replaceable cast in place truncated attention domes are compliant with Canadian accessibility codes and have a non-slip tactile surface for your interior and exterior applications. Access Tile Cast in Place Way finding bars are also available to be used in concordance with attention domes creating barrier free pathways ensuring all pedestrians are able to navigate around their environment safely.

Access Tile Replaceable Cast in Place Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) products are for the following applications and many more:
• Curb Ramps 
• Vehicular Passage Ways
• Parking Areas 
• Top of Stair Landings – Wheelchair Ramps 
• Pedestrian Crossings 
• Escalator Approaches 
• Transit Platforms 
• Multi-Modal transit stations

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