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Tactile for inside

Attention Tactile

Tactile for inside

From: $20.41 Per sqft

The municipal and federal legislation mandates the installation of Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI), attention domes and wayfinding bars for the inside of any building. Our Code Compliant Tactile Solutions come in various sizes for easy installation in different indoor spots. The inside solutions come in a range of materials from polymer, rubber, porcelain or stainless steel to match the floor used. You can also choose between a Tile solution and Tactile Solutions using only single domes or single bars. We carry a range of color options to enhance aesthetics and provide contrast requirements while staying compliant. The Tactile tiles are available in cast-in-place or surface applied versions to be installed on any existing surfaces or onto a newly built surface.

Our TWSI’s alert individuals with vision loss that there is potential danger for a slip or fall ahead or help assist safe guidance down a path by allowing them to feel it through their feet or cane. Our code-compliant tactile solutions provide reliable and durable products, easy installation and even fire resistance, if needed. Our tactile solutions for inside fully comply with all the code requirements, making safe wayfinding easier for the visually impaired.

Here are some of the features of tactile for inside:

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Different colors available for aesthetic reasons while staying compliant
  • Versatile and easy to install
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
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Armor Tile Tactile System

Armor-Tile offers the largest selection of Fully AODA/CSA/ISO and OBC compliant detectable warning tactile system products for Transit platforms, Multi-modal transit centers, Curb ramps, Stairwells, Escalator approaches. Pedestrian crossings, Parking areas, Reflecting pools and Building entrances.

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Introducing the Ultimate SolutionTM in Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI). Access® Tile Replaceable Cast in Place has combined proven engineered polymers, processing and material technologies with innovative and intelligent design features to create the ultimate replaceable tactile walking surface indicators. Maximized efficiencies in manufacturing, materials sourcing and
product specifications deliver the most cost-effective solution in the industry. Access® Tile truncated dome and wayfinding bar tiles are the industry leader for durability, weather and wear resistance and are available as surface applied tiles and directional bars.

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Advantage Tactile Systems

Advantage one is the leading detectable warning and directional tile surface system for construction requirements anywhere the safety of the visually impaired is a concern: curb ramps, shopping malls, transit platforms, parking areas, stairwells and escalator approaches.
Advantage Tactile Systems, is our line of TWSI’s that come in different metal materials. Designed to last the most rigours applications or to enhance the look of your projects while complying with all code requirements.

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Eon Tile

EonTM Tile is a durable and flexible rubber tactile indicator chosen first by professionals who design and construct the finest commer-cial, institutional and public environments.
EonTM Tile is state of the art rubber compounded together to create category leading quality and a contemporary look and finish. 
Suitable for a variety of applications such as airport con-courses, railway stations, shopping centres, department stores, supermarkets, hospitals, swimming pools, schools, banks, com-munity centres or most any high traffic environment. 
EonTM Tile’s line of products offer attention indicators (truncated domes) for warning and tactile direction indicators for way finding. 
EonTM Tile is part of the newest generation of excellence in warning surfaces from Kinesik Engineered Products Incorporated.
Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) products for the following and many more applications.

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Elan Tile

ElanTM Tile is the ultimate porcelain tactile indicator chosen by professionals who design and construct the finest commercial, institutional and public environments. 
Incorporating the best raw materials in the market, ElanTM Tile far exceeds the EN 14411 standard, allowing the product to meet the designation of “Porcelain Stoneware” and to be suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 
Offering highly durable and versatile tactile walking surface indicators (truncated domes) for warning, and direction indicators for wayfinding, the ElanTM Tile line of products signals the newest generation of excellence from Kinesik.

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