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Tactile “glued” to existent surface

Attention Tactile

Tactile “glued” to existent surface

From: $20.41 Persqft

Accessibility legislation requires installation of TWSI’s on existent surfaces. Our Surface Applied Tactile Walking Surface Indicator solutions, come as wayfinding bars, attention domes and step edge stair nosing to safely guide visually impaired people. Our code-compliant Tactile Indicators in Canada come in tiles or single domes / bars. Tiles come in different sizes and can be cut to fit various applications, including curved surfaces, making it easy to install without ripping out existing surfaces. Our surface applied tactile solutions are available in different materials for indoor & outdoor installation. The tactile tiles are offered in various colors, allowing you to choose the color of the tactile solution, keeping it in contrast with the surface, and can be installed onto a flat area or on stair edges. Our tactile solutions are ADA-compliant, wear- and weather-resistant, and some are even fire-resistant.

Our code-compliant “glued” Tactile Warning Surface Indicators offer easy installation for retrofitting when there is no requirement to create a new surface. Whether it is municipal curbs or inside stair landings, the Surface Applied Tactile Indicators help to warn individuals as they reach an unsafe edge or help guide them along a safe path.

Here are some of the features of tactile “glued” to the existent surface:

  • Availability in different materials
  • Range of colors to choose for surface contrast
  • Wear and weather resistant
  • Highly durable
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
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Advantage Tactile Systems

Advantage one is the leading detectable warning and directional tile surface system for construction requirements anywhere the safety of the visually impaired is a concern: curb ramps, shopping malls, transit platforms, parking areas, stairwells and escalator approaches.
Advantage Tactile Systems, is our line of TWSI’s that come in different metal materials. Designed to last the most rigours applications or to enhance the look of your projects while complying with all code requirements.

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Eon Tile

EonTM Tile is a durable and flexible rubber tactile indicator chosen first by professionals who design and construct the finest commer-cial, institutional and public environments.
EonTM Tile is state of the art rubber compounded together to create category leading quality and a contemporary look and finish. 
Suitable for a variety of applications such as airport con-courses, railway stations, shopping centres, department stores, supermarkets, hospitals, swimming pools, schools, banks, com-munity centres or most any high traffic environment. 
EonTM Tile’s line of products offer attention indicators (truncated domes) for warning and tactile direction indicators for way finding. 
EonTM Tile is part of the newest generation of excellence in warning surfaces from Kinesik Engineered Products Incorporated.
Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) products for the following and many more applications.

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Elan Tile

ElanTM Tile is the ultimate porcelain tactile indicator chosen by professionals who design and construct the finest commercial, institutional and public environments. 
Incorporating the best raw materials in the market, ElanTM Tile far exceeds the EN 14411 standard, allowing the product to meet the designation of “Porcelain Stoneware” and to be suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 
Offering highly durable and versatile tactile walking surface indicators (truncated domes) for warning, and direction indicators for wayfinding, the ElanTM Tile line of products signals the newest generation of excellence from Kinesik.

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Armor Tile Tactile System Surface Applied

Armor-Tile Surface Applied takes pride in being the leading manufacturer for tactile walking surface indicator systems. The Armor-Tile Surface Applied truncated domes are a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite setting the benchmark for durability and detectability in tactile systems. The Armor-Tile surface applied tiles provide a cost-effective method for retrofitting existing sidewalks. These surface applied tiles are available in 10 different colours creating clear boundaries to ensure separation and safety for pedestrian’s route from vehicular traffic or other potentially hazardous obstacles. The tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) can be used for a variety applications including curb ramps, escalator approaches, parking areas, transit platforms, top of stair landings/wheelchair ramps, multimodal transit stations, pedestrian crossings and vehicular passage ways. Armor-Tile surface applied products are in full compliance with Canadian accessibility codes AODA, CSA, ISO, provincial and national building codes (ontarios tactile walking surface indicators). 

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AccessTile Surface Applied  Attention Domes

Access Tile Surface Applied Domes are the industry leader in affordable detectable warning tiles perfect for any retrofit job. The tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) are slip resistant, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistance ensuring all truncated domes are durable against wear and tear maximizing the longevity of the detectable warning pads. The Surface Applied truncated attention domes can be applied in many situations including: multimodal transit stations, curb ramps, accessible pedestrian crossings, parking areas, tops and bottoms of stair landings, escalator approaches and many more to warn the public when they have reached an unsafe edge. The Tactile attention domes are especially useful for those with visual impairments as they can be felt through footwear, as well as designed with unique sound reflection for those with guidance canes to safely differentiate between Access Tile surface applied tile and concrete allowing for safe and detectable navigation of curb endings. Access Tile Surface applied truncated attention domes are available in 8 different colours to provide visual contrast warning the public when they have reached an unsafe edge

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AccessTile Surface Applied Wayfinding Bars

Access Tiles Surface Applied Directional Wayfinding Tiles (Directional Bar Tiles) are specifically designed to work in unison with truncated attention dome tiles. These Canadian accessibility code compliant wayfinding bars are designed to lead the public between spaces and follow the desired path safely. These (TWSI) tactile walking surface indicators use a series of bar shaped tactile surfaces creating a detectable path. These paths are created with truncated attention dome tiles to indicate where the path begins, ends or splits so the visually impaired can orient themselves to follow their desired path. Access Tile detectable directional warning pad is cost effective, light weight and extremely durable used with truncated attention dome tiles to create fully accessible pathways around any pace and to alert pedestrians of a paths end. Access Tile Direction Wayfinding bars are offered in Replaceable Cast in Place tiles and Surface Applied Tiles.

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