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Stair nosing “glued” or “screwed” to existent surface

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Stair nosing “glued” or “screwed” to existent surface

From: $13.70 Per Linear Foot

Safe staircases are a necessity, accessibility legislation requires the installation of 2 inches of slip resistant color contrast at the edge of every step. Our Code Compliant Step edge and  Stair Nosing Solutions can be “glued” or “screwed” to any existent surface when creating a new floor isn’t needed. Our code-compliant surface applied stair nosing can be installed into stairs of different materials and colors while complying with all safety standards including contrast requirements. The stair nosing for step edge are available in different sizes for application on stairs with different depths. Our surface applied stair nosing are for inside or out door applications, are easy to clean and are wear-resistant.

Our stair nosing solutions are UV resistant and are in compliance with the Canadian accessibility codes AODA, CSA, ISO, provincial, and national building codes. Here are some of the features of stair nosing “glued” or "screwed” to existent surface:

  • Available in different colors
  • No radioactivity or toxicity
  • Wear and abrasion-resistant
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy to clean
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Non Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Strips

Ecoglo anti slip products to prevent slips or falls in all weather conditions for any type of stairs. Ecoglo non photoluminescent anti slip strips are offered in 3 different colours black, yellow, and grey in two different sizes, delivering the perfect fit and solution for anti-slip strips for stairs. These non-slip step strips are made of hard wearing silicon carbide making them reliably durable, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance and easy to clean. Ecoglo’s non photoluminescent non-slip step strips provide an extra non-slip surface supplementing the steps own non-slip properties as well as providing step edge contrast. Ecoglo non photoluminescent surface applied anti slip strips are the perfect safety solution preventing slips and falls down any stairs. 

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Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Contrast Strip

Ecoglo Non-Slip Photoluminescent Step Edge Contrast Strip provide step edge visibility in all lighting conditions even for several hours after the lights have gone out. The Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti Slip Contrast Strips are made from hard wearing silicon carbon non-slip material bonded to aluminum plate allowing for long lasting all weather slip resistance and step edge visibility. The Photoluminescent Contrast strip colour contrasting and advanced photoluminscent material are ideal for stairs required by code to have luminous path markings. The Ecoglo Photoluminescent non-slip contrast slip is designed for installation onto flat steps and corridors with a pathmarking glow charged from overhead or natural lighting providing leading technology for guidance systems in all lighting conditions. 

The photoluminescent strip provides luminance on the step edge in event of a black out. The International Building Code requires photoluminescent path marking in all high rises.  Our step edge products with Photoluminescent strips exceed the standards for performance in ULC572S, which requires that Photoluminescent path marking operate for a minimum of 120 minutes of black out.

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