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Exit Signs

Attention Tactile

Exit Signs

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Accessibility legislation mandates installing Building Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting indoors, which has to be easily visible in all lighting conditions. Our Glow in the Dark Exit Signs in Canada are completely qualified for energy conservation and renowned for sustainability and follow all Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs Regulations for proper compliance. They come with a range of anodized aluminum mounting kits that guarantee the most efficient installation procedure for any location. The Exit signs offer a visibility rating of 50/75 feet and no regular maintenance. Our Exit Signs are compliant with the fire, building, and life safety codes and are wear resistant to reduce maintenance costs. All Exit Signage provides visibility and indicates the direction of egress in all light conditions.

Our exit signs adhere to all the safety codes and compliances, directing people towards the exit with properly visible directional signs. Here are some of the features of photoluminescent signs:

  • No need for battery or electricity
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • A universal mounting system for quick and versatile installation
  • 50/75- foot visibility rating 
  • High Visibility in Dark or Light Conditions
  • High Durability for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Hard Wearing, Abrasion Resistant in all weather conditions
  • Easy to Clean
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flammable Resistant – Do not Burn
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Ecoglo Directional Signage Exit Signs

Ecoglo is a leading global innovator of UL certified Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Emergency Signage that exceed worldwide code requirements. Ecoglo’s Photoluminescent Exit Sign systems are durable against UV and all-weather conditions making them the leading solution for indoor and outdoor photoluminescent illuminated egress exit guidance system applications. Ecoglo Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Emergency Exit Pathmarking signs, are manufactured using a patented process embedding photoluminescent particles in a clear durable polymer to ensure maximum efficiency and uses a dry powder for maximum luminance. The Ecoglo Exit Signs and Pathfinding Emergency Exit signs photoluminescent pigment, allow them to be seen in all light conditions and is fast charging by natural and artificial light making them the most cost efficient and reliable exit sign system. 

Ecoglo Photoluminescent Exit Signs:
• Multiple directions
• Choice of a universal wall mounting kit or Sign only
Ecoglo Photoluminescent Pathmarking Exit Signs:
• Multiple Directins

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