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Photoluminescent Stair nosing put into “wet” concrete

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Photoluminescent Stair nosing put into “wet” concrete

From: $15.14 Per Linear Foot

Safe staircases in bad light conditions are a necessity, accessibility legislation requires the installation of photoluminescent stair nosing. Our Code-Compliant Cast-In-Place Photoluminescent Stair Nosing for concrete stairs that are newly built is the best solution. Our code-compliant cast-in-place photoluminescent stair nosing can be installed in different colors, complying with all safety standards, including contrast requirements. The photoluminescent stair nosing for step edges is available in different sizes to apply on stairs with different depths. Our cast-in-place photoluminescent tactile stair nosing is for inside and outside, easy to clean, and wear-resistant.

Our code-compliant photoluminescent stair nosings are completely environment-friendly and are also abrasion and wear resistant. High visibility in dim lighting and the anti-slip feature of our cast-in-place photoluminescent stair nosing for concrete stairs make them the right solution for ensuring safe staircases. Here are some of the features of photoluminescent cast-in-place high visibility stair nosing:

  • Available in different colors
  • High visibility in dark lighting conditions
  • Wear and abrasion-resistant
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy to clean 
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Photoluminescent Cast In Place Stair Nosings

Ecoglo Photoluminescent Cast in Place Stair Nosings provides step edge visibility durability and are the most efficient photoluminescent product available. The Ecoglo Cast in Place Stair Nosing’s are installed into wet concrete and provide step edge visibility in all light conditions. The Photoluminescent stair nosing’s work just as well in the light as the dark to reduce falls and provide path marking enhancing egress speed. Ecoglo photoluminescent cast in place stair nosing’s are made of a hard-wearing silicon carbon non-slip material with unique ridges and advanced photoluminescnt technology, to provide step edge visibility and high durability against wear and tear for all-weather slip resistance. The Ecoglo Photoluminescent Stair Nosing’s are environmentally friendly making them the perfect solution for step edge safety.

The photoluminescent strip provides luminance on the step edge in event of a black out. The International Building Code requires photoluminescent path marking in all high rises.  Our step edge products with Photoluminescent strips exceed the standards for performance in ULC572S, which requires that Photoluminescent path marking operate for a minimum of 120 minutes of black out.

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