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Innovative Solutions for Safety: Access Tile ® Fire-Resistant Surface Applied Tiles!

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Innovative Solutions for Safety: Access Tile ® Fire-Resistant Surface Applied Tiles!

In Canada, where accessibility and safety regulations are strictly enforced, finding innovative solutions that prioritize both accessibility and protection is crucial. This is where Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire-Resistant Tile comes in. It's specially designed to meet all the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and other Canadian codes 


At Tactile Solution, we understand the importance of creating safe environments that cater to everyone's needs. Our Access-tile surface-applied tiles offer an unparalleled level of safety while ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. To learn more about Acess tiles, read the below blog post: 


An Overview of Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire Resistant Tactile


The Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire Resistant Tactile is a necessary product for buildings that are higher than 7 floors. It provides tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) with truncated domes for indoor use, particularly in high-rise buildings. This product is designed to warn individuals with visual impairments of any potential hazards or changes in direction on the floor surface. 


The Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire Resistant Tactile not only is compliant with building code but also with Fire Code - that makes it unique.The FIRESENTRY-X Composite Technology used in Access Tile Surface Applied Fire Retardant ensures maximum resistance against fire. Access Tile FR is an affordable option for adding tactile warning surface indicators (TWSI) to interior floors, such as exit stairwells, vestibules, lobbies, and corridors. This product is highly slip-resistant, durable, and strong, which means it can be used in a variety of environments and traffic conditions.




  • It is cost-effective and easy to install, maintain, and replace.
  •  Compliant with Canadian accessibility codes and meets the fire safety standards of the Ontario Building Code.
  •  Easily cut to conform to various sizes and radius landings
  •  5-year manufacturer's warranty




  • This product is specifically designed for interior use in high-rise building applications in accordance with Ontario Building Code.
  • For tactile warning floor surface at exit stairwells, vestibules to exit stairs and lobbies, and corridors.


Advantages of Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire Resistant Tactile


  • Durability: Access Tile fire-resistant surface-applied tiles are built to last, even under extreme conditions.
  • Quick Installation: With the easy installation process, you can seamlessly place these tiles onto your existing surface without causing any disruptions.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The attention domes on these surface-applied tiles ensure that visually impaired individuals can navigate their surroundings safely and with confidence.
  • Compliance with Regulations: These tiles conform to the strict accessibility guidelines set by the Canadian government, ensuring you meet all necessary safety standards.


Installation guide of Access Tile® Surface Applied Fire Resistant Tactile


  • Position the tile in the selected area and outline the boundaries using a thin permanent marker.
  • Set the tile aside and utilize a 4" diamond cup grinder to prepare the surface within the marked area, ensuring it corresponds to the section where the adhesive is required, as indicated on the backside of the tile.
  • Remove any dust using a leaf blower, and then wipe the back of the tile and the surface with a cloth soaked in acetone.
  • Apply Tactile Bond and Seal adhesive to the back of the tile (following the tile's instructions). Start by applying a thin bead ½" from the edge of the perimeter, and then apply a second, thicker bead 1" inside the first one.
  • Position the tile accurately and squarely on the surface and firmly press it down.
  • While exerting pressure, use a hammer drill and the recommended diameter drill bit to drill 3" into the concrete on either side of the preformed hole. Drill through the tile without the hammer function until the tile is penetrated, and then switch to the hammer function to drill into the concrete.
  • While maintaining pressure, remove any dust and excess adhesive, and carefully set the provided color-matched Axius® Fasteners using a plastic-tipped hammer. Repeat steps 6 and 7 while working across the tile from one end until all pre-formed fastener locations are completed. 
  • Clean the perimeter of the tile and the surrounding concrete immediately with acetone, ensuring any adhesive that has escaped from beneath the tile is removed. Apply and smooth sealant around the tile's perimeter.
  •  Tape all perimeter edges.
  • Apply Tactile Bond and Seal around the perimeter of the tile, taking care to fill any gaps between the tile and the concrete interface.
  • Use a round plastic applicator or spatula to shape the sealant along the perimeter, creating a cove.
  • Remove the tape immediately after shaping the perimeter sealant.
  • Avoid foot traffic on the floor until the perimeter sealant has cured sufficiently to prevent tracking.




At Tactile Solution, we believe that safety should never be compromised when it comes to creating accessible environments. Our Access-tile fire-resistant surface applied tiles provide an innovative solution that combines functionality and aesthetics without compromising on quality or compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can revolutionize safety in your space.