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Advantage Tactile Systems Single Domes & Bars: Built to Withstand Decades of Heavy Foot Traffic

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Advantage Tactile Systems Single Domes & Bars: Built to Withstand Decades of Heavy Foot Traffic

In public infrastructure projects across Canada, from interior streetscapes to transit hubs, ensuring accessibility and safety for all users is a key priority. This is especially crucial when accommodating the needs of citizens with visual disabilities. Tactile walking surface indicators (TWSIs) provide an invaluable communication interface between pedestrians and the built environment.


Advantage Tactile Systems offers robust and durable stainless steel tactile solutions engineered to deliver long-lasting performance even under punishing loads. Their single domes and bars are designed to withstand decades of heavy foot traffic while providing essential textured cues.


Understanding Advantage Single Domes and Bars


Advantage Tactile Systems provides individual stainless steel domes and bars as part of their code-compliant detectable warning systems. These are available with a choice of textures and finishes.


Key products include:

  • Stainless Steel Domes - With surface patterns like concentric rings, crosshatch, or carborundum grip. Ensure slip resistance.
  • Stainless Steel Bars - Available with crosshatch, carborundum grit, or linear groove textures. Optimize wet and dry slip resistance.

These domes and bars are designed to be surface-applied onto existing concrete or asphalt. The installation involves drilling into the substrate and securing each piece individually with adhesive anchors. The products can also be customized with radial edges to accommodate curved boundaries.


Unparalleled Durability and Strength


Stainless steel and cast iron give Advantage single domes and bars unmatched durability compared to traditional polymer tactile products. These robust metals withstand decades of intensive foot traffic, vehicle loads, extreme weather, and maintenance abrasion - still providing continuous slip resistance and hazard warnings.


Key properties that make these single domes/bars extraordinarily sturdy include:

  • High Compressive Strength - Withstands heavy static and dynamic loads without damage, deformation, or loss of texture.
  • Impact Strength - Resists sudden impacts from pedestrian traffic, carts, maintenance vehicles, etc.
  • Wear & Abrasion Resistance - Provides lasting slip traction despite constant abrasive foot traffic and maintenance activities.
  • Corrosion Resistance - Offers long-term corrosion protection for extended service life in outdoor settings. Stainless steel, in particular, provides excellent rust resistance.
  • Fire/Flame Resistance - Low flammability and high melting points enable survival in fire emergencies.
  • Slip Resistance - Optimized surface textures provide reliable wet and dry slip traction even when worn.

By harnessing the innate advantages of steel and iron, Advantage Tactile Systems engineered single domes and bars that truly stand the test of time despite punishing conditions.


Careful Installation for Optimal Performance


Proper installation is crucial to actualize the full durability benefits of these robust single domes/bars. Certified installers undertake the following key steps:

  • Marking - The desired layout is marked on the installation surface using a template.
  • Drilling - Holes are drilled perpendicularly into the substrate to seat each dome/bar.
  • Cleaning - Dust and debris are cleared off the holes.
  • Bonding - Construction adhesive is injected to fill each drilled cavity by 1/4th capacity.
  • Mounting - The domes/bars are firmly seated into the adhesive-filled holes using gentle mallet taps.
  • Finishing - Excess adhesive is cleaned off for a neat finish.

The domes/bars must be left undisturbed during curing. When cured, the adhesive creates a tenacious bond between the metal and substrate. Additionally, sealant is applied around the perimeter of each dome/bar for waterproofing. These measures result in a long-lasting installation able to withstand heavy loads.


CSA-Compliance and Customization


Advantage Tactile single domes and bars meet stringent accessibility requirements. Key compliance features include:

  • Truncated domes with compliant dimensions, spacing, and square grid layout as per CSA guidelines.
  • Beveled edges to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Minimum visual contrast ratio between metal and ground for partially sighted users.
  • Integral anti-slip texture for wet/dry slip resistance.

These domes and bars can be customized to specifications like:

  • Size - Various diameters and lengths are available.
  • Texture - A choice of surface patterns for optimal traction.
  • Color - Contrasting colors like yellow offer increased visibility.
  • Shape - Radial-edged pieces for curved boundaries.

The ideal code-compliant tactile solution can be tailored to any public project by consulting designers and installers.


Key Applications of Advantage Single Domes and Bars


Advantage Tactile’s robust single domes and bars are commonly seen enhancing accessibility and safety in settings like:

  • Revolving Door Approaches.
  • Sidewalks: Mark crosswalks and curb edges.
  • Transit Platforms: Warn of platform drop-offs.
  • Building Entrances: Indicate changes in elevation by stairs or ramps.
  • Parking Areas: Guide to pedestrian crossings.
  • Pedestrian Crossings: Define crosswalks across vehicle lanes.
  • Top of ramps and Staircases: Alert of inclines and stairs.
  • Office Lobbies: Direct users from entrance to reception, lifts, etc.
  • Retail Spaces: Help navigate expansive open floors safely.

Proper Use and Maintenance


Advantage single domes and bars are designed for minimal maintenance. However, some care is needed:

  • Avoid painting or coating the pieces, as it reduces slip resistance.
  • Clear leaves, debris, dirt, and snow promptly to maintain visibility and slip traction.
  • Inspect annually and replace damaged pieces to sustain compliance. Replacement is straightforward.
  • Clean using non-abrasive brushes/pressure washing. Avoid corrosive alkaline degreasers.

With simple care, Advantage single domes and bars reliably indicate hazards and guide accessibility for decades.


Advantage Tactile Solutions from Tactile Solutions Canada


Tactile Solutions Canada proudly supplies and installs Advantage Tactile Systems’ premium single domes and bars to enhance public realm accessibility from coast to coast. These products withstand heavy foot traffic and ensure safer movement across the facilities.