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Elan Tile: Elegant Porcelain Tactile Indicator for Interior and Exterior Applications

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Elan Tile: Elegant Porcelain Tactile Indicator for Interior and Exterior Applications

Elan Tile is revolutionizing the world of tactile indicators with its elegant and durable porcelain products designed for both interior and exterior applications. As a leading supplier of tactile warning systems in Canada, we at Tactile Solution are excited to showcase the unique benefits and applications of Elan Tile’s Truncated Dome Tiles and Wayfinding Bar Tiles.


An Introduction to Elan Tile


Elan Tile has set the new standard for excellence in tactile indicators. Made from the finest raw materials, Elan Tile surpasses industry standards for porcelain stoneware. This allows the tiles to be used in demanding interior and exterior environments while providing unmatched durability, versatility, and style.


Key Features

  • Certified porcelain stoneware construction
  • Extremely durable, stain-resistant, and chemical resistant
  • Slip-resistant R11 finish for safety
  • Can withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


Available in contemporary colors like Cultured Grey, Vogue Black, and Sand Stone, Elan Tile marries form and function. These colors and textures seamlessly integrate into any design scheme. The tiles are an elegant solution for projects requiring both aesthetic appeal and accessibility compliance.


Exceeds Safety Standards


Elan Tile undergoes rigorous testing to confirm slip resistance and product performance over time. All Elan Tiles utilize advanced laser etching technology to ensure consistent depth and diameter across the detectable warning surface area. With a long-lasting R11 slip rating, Elan Tiles promotes safety and accessibility in high-traffic locations.


Elan Truncated Dome Tiles


Elan Truncated Dome Tiles serve as a textured cue underfoot to alert pedestrians of an upcoming drop-off or change in elevation. Ceramic domes are a familiar and proven technology for enhancing accessibility. Elan builds on this legacy with unmatched porcelain quality in terms of performance, longevity, and style.




Elan Truncated Dome Tiles are ideal for:

  • Transit platforms and rail crossings
  • Curb ramps at sidewalks and parking lots
  • Blended transitions between pedestrian and vehicular routes
  • Ramps and stairs
  • Reflecting pools and fountains


Complies With Accessibility Standards


With a 60% visual contrast between tile and domes, Elan Truncated Dome Tiles meet stringent detectability requirements. Dome spacing, diameter, height, and overall coverage area also adhere to accessibility regulations across Canada. Elan Tiles carries cUPC certification and contributes to LEED building certification.


Elan Wayfinding Bar Tiles


Elan Wayfinding Bar Tiles incorporate discrete raised bars running in the direction of travel. The linear texture provides a cue for sight-impaired individuals to navigate safely through open interior spaces.




Elan Wayfinding Bars guide users along:

  • Primary travel routes in venues like malls, airports, and transit hubs
  • Paths to key destinations, including information kiosks, registration areas, elevators, and escalators
  • Store or office entrances


Intuitive and Versatile


The elongated raised bars indicate directionality through the layout of the tiles themselves. Minimal depth makes them easy to traverse for those with mobility devices. Wayfinding Tiles can also incorporate directional arrows, numbers, letters, or symbols as added visual cues. Custom signage further enhances usability.


With limitless design options, Elan Wayfinding Tiles integrate seamlessly into any floorscape. Bars run perpendicular, diagonal, or parallel to walls and walkways. Mix and match with field tiles like granite, marble or porcelain pavers to match interior décor requirements.


Elan Tile Tactile Systems


Elan Tile offers complete tactile systems consisting of the tiles themselves, plus setting materials, protective sealants, and installation accessories.


Our team works directly with designers, contractors, and construction crews to specify and deliver the right tactile products for each unique application. We guide proper installation and provide onsite support to ensure correct implementation.


Contact our product experts today to request samples, specifications, shop drawings, or pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Elan Tile tactile products:


What are the main differences between Elan Truncated Dome Tiles and Wayfinding Bar Tiles?

Truncated Dome Tiles act as a warning indicator and alert pedestrians to upcoming hazards like drop-offs or transit platform edges. Wayfinding Bar Tiles provide directional and navigational cues to guide visually impaired individuals through large open spaces.


What tile sizes are available?

Elan Porcelain Wayfinding Bar Tile and Elan Porcelain Attention Domes Tile are available in 12" x 12" sizes. You can get these tiles in three different colors,: Cultured Grey, Vogue Black, and Sand Stone.


Can the tiles be used outdoors?

Yes. With porcelain stoneware construction, Elan Tiles are frost and chemical-resistant for exterior use. Ensure proper pitch and drainage for outdoor installations.


Do the tiles meet accessibility standards in Canada?

Elan Truncated Dome Tiles comply with CSA B651 requirements. The tiles undergo regular independent testing to validate detectability, slip resistance, durability, and dimensional stability.


How should Elan Tiles be cleaned and maintained?

Elan Tiles require minimal maintenance thanks to the durable porcelain material. Gentle sweeping or damp mopping is generally sufficient for cleaning. Avoid abrasive chemicals or cleaning tools. Apply protective sealants as needed.


Who should I contact to order Elan Tile products?

Our team at Tactile Solution Canada would be happy to quote Elan Tile tactile systems for your construction projects across the country. Contact us online or call toll free on 1-877-761-5354.


We hope this overview has showcased the unique benefits of Elan Tile for enhancing accessibility and safety with sleek tactile design. Get in touch with any other questions about these revolutionary porcelain indicators.