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Ecoglo for Pathfinding Needs in Your Facility: A Comprehensive Guide!

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Ecoglo for Pathfinding Needs in Your Facility: A Comprehensive Guide!

Have you ever wondered how you would find your way out of a building in case of an emergency, especially if the power goes out or there is smoke in the air? Or how would you navigate a dark or dimly lit venue without tripping or bumping into obstacles? Or how would you communicate important information to your staff or visitors in case of a disaster?


If you have, then you might be interested in learning more about Ecoglo, which specializes in photoluminescent exit signs and egress path markers that can provide a clear and reliable guidance system in any situation.


What is Ecoglo?


Ecoglo International was established in 1997 and has developed advanced photoluminescent technology to create high visibility stair edge nosing and evacuation route products like emergency exit signs and handrail systems that never fail. Ecoglo tactile solutions are designed to comply with international building codes to meet exit sign and emergency lighting requirements, including ULC572S, UL924 signs, NFPA 101 Solutions and International Fire Code Solutions.


How does it work?


Made with a patented manufacturing process known as High-Temperature Curing or HTC, Ecoglo products are extremely durable and have a minimum indoor life expectancy of 30 years. Compare this with mass-produced PVC products, which very quickly degrade with UV exposure. Ecoglo products are sustainable, use no electricity and cost a fraction of the electrical alternative. The photoluminescent pigments in Ecoglo products absorb and store both natural and recycled electrical light before re-emitting the energy as a glow when the lights go out.


The market overview & how it’s changing?


The market for emergency lighting systems has traditionally been dominated by the electrical industry, but the innovative technology behind Ecoglo photoluminescent systems has disrupted this practice and delivers real cost and sustainability advantages to the economy. Ecoglo products are reliable, with no lamp or battery failure and virtually no maintenance costs. All Ecoglo products have met internationally accredited testing and can be seen in many installations around the world, including Dubai's Burj Khalifa, Melbourne Cricket Ground and New York City Transit.


Ecoglo has also been installed in thousands of offices, hospitals, airports, transit and infrastructure facilities, universities, warehouses and stadiums worldwide. Ecoglo offers an ever-evolving range of products, including exit signage, step edging, path and handrail markers, fire protection signs, disaster preparedness signs, and next-generation Hybrid LED/PL Exit Sign Systems.


Ecoglo products for pathfinding: benefits explained!


Ecoglo products are designed to provide the following benefits for your pathfinding needs:


  • Step edge contrast: Ecoglo products have a photoluminescent colored anti-slip strip that provides excellent contrast and visibility for the edge of each step in all lighting conditions.

  • Visibility in all light conditions: Ecoglo products have a PL strip that glows brightly in the dark for hours, giving your patrons confidence and direction in exiting, even in an emergency.

  • Slip-resistance: Ecoglo products have a hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material that reduces slips and falls in all weather conditions.

  • Resistance to wear: Ecoglo products are made of durable aluminum and polymer that can withstand thousands of people walking on them without losing their luminance or performance.


How Can Ecoglo Enhance Your Safety and Visibility in Any Situation?


Ecoglo’s products are designed to meet or exceed the most stringent building codes and standards around the world, such as NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and International Fire Code (IFC) / International Building Code (IBC). They are also cost-effective, environmentally friendly, easy to install and maintain, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Ecoglo offers a wide range of products for different applications and settings, such as:


Exit signs: Ecoglo’s exit signs are UL 924 certified and comply with many international building codes. They are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and languages. They can also be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Ecoglo’s exit signs do not require electricity or batteries, and they are visible in all light conditions.


Egress path markers: Ecoglo’s egress path markers include step edge contrast strips, non-slip strips, guidance strips, handrail strips, perimeter demarcation lines, obstacle markers, door frame markings, emergency exit symbols, and door hardware markings. They are designed to outline the exit path and highlight important features such as steps, landings, doors, handrails, obstacles, and information placards. They are also slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant.


Emergency signage: Ecoglo’s emergency signage includes evacuation maps, running man signs, fire extinguisher signs, and disaster preparedness signs. They are designed to provide clear and concise information and instructions to occupants in case of an emergency. They are also easy to read and understand in all light conditions.


Stadium and venue products: Ecoglo’s stadium and venue products include aisle and seat markers, handrail markers, step edging products, directional markers, floor identification markers, hybrid signs, and best practice photoluminescent path marking solutions. They are designed to enhance the safety and visibility of patrons and staff in stadia, arenas, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, auditoriums, museums, galleries, and other types of venues. They are also ideal for low-light and dark events.


Ecoglo vs. Traditional Emergency Lighting Backup Systems






- Can provide over 100 hours of continuous illumination from photoluminescent pigments

- Can create a clear image of the exit path by outlining steps, landings, doors, etc.

- Can show the safe exit path even in heavy smoke

- Can recharge for a 2-hour evacuation in as little as 10 minutes

- Can experience problems with partial or total failure

- Have limited operating time

- Cast insufficient light

- Can be easily extinguished by smoke

- Cast shadows that obscure the exit path

- Require a battery or generator system that could fail or take up to 7 days to recharge


- Can be completed by any competent handyman

- Require costly installation by electricians


- Require occasional dusting

- Require annual inspection and regular replacement of bulbs, batteries, or generators

Life Span

- Have a 35-year life-span

- Can be recycled

- Have a 2-7-year life-span

- Are not recyclable

Environmental Impact

- Are not radioactive or toxic and use no energy

- Use energy and generate waste


The wrap


For stairways requiring outstanding durability, safety, accessibility and service life at a competitive price, look no further than compliant workplace solutions like Ecoglo's non-photoluminescent and photoluminescent cast-in-place and surface applied stair edge nosings and emergency exit signs at Tactile Solutions Canada. Leave a lasting impression by partnering with us to facilitate mobility and independence for all building users. Trust Tactile Solutions Canada as your source for code-compliant tactile solutions.