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CIBC Square - Epitome of Innovation & Accessibility

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CIBC Square - Epitome of Innovation & Accessibility

CIBC Square is a stunning office complex with two office towers spanning over 3 million square feet. Undoubtedly, CIBC Square is setting the new standard for community in terms of innovation, transformation and accessibility. A perfect workspace, place to socialize and celebrate cuisine and culture, CIBC Square connects the Waterfront and Financial District, expanding and glorifying this stretch of Toronto.


CIBC SQUARE, a location for business, pleasure, and community, offers an unmatched experience in the heart of Toronto. This modern-marvel provides exceptional work environment equipped with modern-thinking features.


Annual Listening Sessions


It is really important to be empathetic towards your target audience to find the reliable solutions. The same goes with businesses and CIBC Square understands this in all sense.


Listening exercises have focused on barriers created by remote and hybrid work, as well as concerns and considerations for return to work. Topics that are brought up during the listening exercises are leveraged to enhance our human capital strategy.”


The above statement is made by Claudette Knight, vice-president of workplace design and transformation at CIBC. Let’s go a little deeper.


CIBC hosts annual listening sessions to understand the constraints and barriers disable people face every day at the building premises.


Design of Public Spaces


An inclusive design strategy was created and applied to the whole CIBC campus, including-


  • Employee space
  • Conference & event centre
  • Flagship banking centre


The design strategy fulfills the building code and industry standards for well-being, accessibility and inclusion by incorporating built-environment design principles that state the complete range of human diversity.


CIBC also incorporated accessibility elements across the structure that meets legislative requirements. Elevator destination dispatch with audio and visual indicators; accessible, all-gender washrooms on every floor; a relief area for service animals; and code-compliant tactile solutions on cautionary places and Braille signage for improved way-finding are among the features of the accessible CIBC campus.


All the new branches are built considering the accessibility needs of clients. CIBC, at a minimum, follows industry standards for all new branches, including the Barrier Free Design Standards and the Barrier Free Design for Automated Banking Machines that were established by Canadian Standards Association International.


The Canada’s Leading Accessibility Solutions Provider


One of our brands, a reliable tactile solutions provider, Kinesik has a major role in making CIBC Square the most accessible public and commercial space. We leverage the power of intelligent design and precision engineering. Our products enhance the quality of CIBC Square’s infrastructure and ensure safe passage and code-compliant exit signs.


Let’s see which products from the Kinesik’s arsenal made CIBC Square accessible.


Photoluminescent Floor/Stairwell Number Sign


Ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants is a top priority, and floor-level exit signs play a critical role in achieving this goal. The photoluminescent egress path marking system includes floor identification signs (FID) that enhance egress speeds and provide essential information for egress safety in CIBC Square.


Photoluminescent Handrail Strips


Photoluminescent handrail markings have been expertly engineered, and rigorously tested, to enhance both the ease and speed of egress for stairs with railings. Our handrail strips are versatile enough to fit in any space without distracting from the design of the CIBC Square building while providing an excellent handrail marking solution for CIBC’s infrastructure. 


They were proven to be highly resistant to UV/weathering, which helped reduce the building’s depreciation.


Photoluminescent - Slip-Resistant High Contrast Nosings


With unique ridges and integrated anti-slip contrast strips, these nosings ensure all-weather slip resistance making CIBC Square’s premises much more secure. Thanks to its leading-edge technology, it is a pioneer in the emerging supplemental (or passive) emergency lighting market.