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Stainless Steel Bars


Advantage Tactile Systems Single Domes & Bars

Stainless Steel Bars

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The Advantage One Stainless Steel Wayfinding Individual Bars Tactile System incorporates an integral texture in the stainless steel for permanent slip resistance. The Individual Wayfinding Bars are the leading industry standard for detectable warning products; proven for durability exceeding any detectable warning product on the market. Advantage One Individual Wayfinding bars are drilled and fastened directly into the ground creating a safe pathway/guidance indicator system, designed for all interior accessibility solutions

• 316L, Marine grade stainless steel
• Innovative adhesive capture design
• Optimum anti-slip design
• Resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance machinery
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
• Bars come in the following styles:
- Linear Grooves
- Crosshatch Pattern
- Carborundum – Non-Slip

Image Description Price per piece Pieces per Box Box Price Add To Cart
Advantage One Individual Bars Cross Hatch SS Non Ploished Notched 280mmx27mm 20.10 50 1005 Add to cart
Advantage One Individual Bars Linnear Grooves SS Non Ploished Notched 280mmx27mm 19.80 50 990 Add to cart
Advantage One Individual Bars Black Carborundum SS Non Ploished Notched 280mmx27mm 20.90 50 1045 Add to cart

• Located in large open floor in large open floor areas, such as shopping malls or transportation terminals, to facilitate wayfinding by indicating the primary routes of travel.
• The indicated routes should lead from the entrance to major destinations, such as an information kiosk, registration desk, stairway, elevator, escalators, or to store or service doors.